ocean dance
Ocean Action Steps

70% of our oxygen comes from the ocean. Our lives depend on the ocean, yet we’ve destroyed 40% of ocean life in 40 years. What can we do to protect our home?

Use less plastic – avoid straws, single use plastic bottles, bags and containers etc. Bring your own!
Use less fuel – use less heat/AC and lights, drive less. Walk and bicycle for fun and health!
Buy less – production and shipment of clothing and other products uses fuel. Instead of shopping for fun, go to the beach or the woods!
Buy local – buying local organic food gives you fresher, healthier food and reduces shipping waste.
Stop killing ocean life – avoid seafood in human and pet food. Ocean wildlife is dying at a dramatic rate – we must allow it to replenish.
Reduce trash – compost, recycle, bring your own containers, and reduce excess consumption.
Educate and engage – yourself and others. Share on social media, do beach cleanup parties, have gala dinners to brainstorm and activate!
Enjoy the ocean – learn about the fascinating and beautiful life forms in the sea. Swim, surf, scuba, sail, savor – and save the seas.

Article: How Can We Protect More of Our Oceans?

Ocean Advocacy through the Arts

Rhia Gowen was inspired by her husband, an underwater photographer, to become a SCUBA diver, and was deeply moved by the beauty of the ocean, and the fascinating diversity of life underwater. She dedicated herself to ocean advocacy after meeting Sylvia Earle, the renowned oceanographer deemed Hero for the Planet by Time magazine. Drawing on her background in dance, expressive art therapy and life coaching, she began creating innovative, multimedia events combining vivid ocean photography and a video with dance and music. These interactive events engage the participants in a process of brainstorming solutions and taking action steps to protect our beautiful, life-giving planet. Motion for the Ocean The habitable ecosystem on our planet is 99% ocean — yet we know little about our own ecosystem while dumping vast amounts of toxic waste into our source of oxygen and drinking water. Fortunately, if we act now there is still time to reverse some of the damage before it’s too late. Rhia’s goal os to reach and inspire enough people through art and entertainment events that we are able to tip the balance in favor of regenerating our beautiful world.

In September 2017 Rhia and Sylvia Earle presented an event at the Hatch conference. Rhia led all the participants in an ocean-inspired dance accompanied by an underwater video/photo montage and cello music. This was followed by a keynote speech about the state of the ocean by Sylvia Earle. Afterwards, Rhia and Sylvia invited those interested to attend a workshop brainstorming solutions. At the Hatch conference, Rhia also spearheaded an ocean film contest, hosted by Audience Awards. The goal was to create short films that presented the state of the ocean, how aspects of our modern lifestyle are creating problems for our environment and our own survival, and what we can do to reverse it and protect our home. The finalists premiered at the DC Environmental Film Festival in March, 2018.