Rhia Gowen, Choreographer, Teacher & Life Coach

Transformational Life Coaching

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.  – Rumi


Transformational Life Coaching is about transforming your life from something that happens, to something you co-create. We have many more choices than we think, but most of them we make unconsciously. By becoming more conscious of who we are and what we truly want, we expand our choices. 

Through this coaching process I connect you with the source of everything you truly need, and with the deeper part of you that knows exactly what your next step is in life — what needs to happen for you to be living your dreams, whether it is career success, fulfilling relationships, or a greater feeling of joy and contentment with your life.

Three steps to creating a better life

1. IDENTIFY your true goals

 2. ACCESS the resources you need

 3. CHOOSE beliefs & habits that support joy success and fulfillment

We all have a need to find meaning in our lives, and to make meaningful choices. In my coaching practice I utilize the arts as a way of accessing our unconscious, the part of us that knows unerringly what is the right path for us. This knowledge is often hard to reach in everyday life if unless we develop a habit of connecting with our deeper selves through meditative, creative and expressive processes.

I use simple processes that are easy for anyone, to gain access to the resources and knowledge hidden within us.  It is vital to know who we really are and what makes us happy if we want to find our true path through life and be able to make choices that utilize our skills and experience in the most elegant and satisfying way.

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Rhia Gowen, Transformational Life Coach

Rhia’s voice is like liquid light… soothing, nurturing and inspiring. She leads with gentle strength and deep compassion.-Jennifer Alexander, MFT
Rhia, I want to thank you for holding a safe space for me, you were wonderful.  I’ll do my best to be more alive and with a positive attitude to support Dance in the Wilderness.-Randall
I met Rhia earlier this year through mutual friends and immediately noticed her calm, grounded way of being in the world. Our work together has included expressive arts and movement therapy and hypnotherapy. Additionally, Rhia has given me information about resources that are available to support myself outside of our sessions. ...
Thank you Rhia~I appreciate you and your loving expression of faith and encouragement! Your reflection is accurate and I appreciate your perspective and clarity. Since I did my homework for you for June 4th, I’ve been having (mostly) *Gold Star Days* since our visit. I’m working on my different projects, ...