Motion for the Ocean – Multi-media Events

Motion for the Ocean at Dance Odyssey

Life is movement — starting with the breath that effortlessly moves our bodies and nurtures life. Motion for the Ocean re-connects us through music, film, dance and social engagement to the source of most of the life and breath on the planet — the ocean.


Rhia Gowen, Choreographer, Teacher & Life Coach

Rhia Gowen fuses Eastern and Western multimedia dance-theatre. Her dance work is full of the colorful imagery and mythology of the East, as well as of her love for nature and humanity.

As a movement teacher, her  joyful and sensitive facilitation draws on her extensive background in dance, art and healing. She offers a unique blend of movement styles, while nurturing the creative process of each participant. In her work as a Life Coach, Rhia inspires clients to new heights of true achievement, self-awareness and passion for life.